Update an inspection

The endpoint allows you to modify certain properties of an existing inspection. Specifically the following can be updated:

a) The archived property to archive or un-archive the inspection
b) The responses of certain items in the header_items and items portion of the inspection

The supported items whose response can be updated with this endpoint are the same as those for Start an inspection and the same limits apply regarding acceptable input values like the length of the text of a text response etc.

This endpoint supports partial updates. Any items not present in the request will not be changed.

Updating any inspection responses will set the author of this inspection to the user account connected to the API and making the change. If the update is only to archive or un-archive the inspection the author of the inspection will not be changed.

Adding notes to inspection questions is detailed in this document


  1. Simultaneous updates to the same inspection may result in concurrency errors. Prefer sequential updates to avoid these.
  2. Updating too many items at once may result in a request timeout, if you experience this break your updates out into multiple calls.
  3. Setting the response to a multiple choice item to an invalid response ID (e.g. one that does not belong in the response set attached to that item on the template) may result in that inspection item to appear as having no response selected in the inspection.
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