Search modified inspections

The inspection search endpoint allows you to retrieve the inspection ID, modification date, and template ID of inspections that meet a certain criteria. It is possible to request inspections between given dates, based on a particular template, and whether or not to include archived inspections.

This allows you to find particular inspections, to gradually retrieve the inspection IDs of every inspection that you have access to, or to retrieve inspections updated since your last search.

In the request, you must specify the fields that you want to return. The field audit_id is not required, the inspection ID will be always included in every inspection result returned in the response.

To include other inspection properties in the response you can optionally add parameters modified_at and template_id. Multiple field elements can be provided.

Dates must be formatted according to ISO 8601 date and time format. For example,
2015-04-01T00:00:00.000Z or 2015-04-01T00:00+1000.


The modification dates used for searching are related to SafetyCulture's cloud storage and include latest sync times, modifications through the SafetyCulture website, and other system modifications. This means that the date may not match the last date that the inspection was modified. This will ensure that you may consistently find all of the inspections modified since your last search, even if they are synced some time after they are last changed.

Searching by template allows you to find all of the inspections created from a certain template. You may specify one or more template parameters to search for. The template ID can be obtained from an inspection, or by opening it for editing via the web app.

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