Get media download URL

This API provides the ability to retrieve the download URL for images, PDFs, and video files associated with an inspection, issue, or action.


This API is not compatible with Get an inspection (legacy). Instead, please use Retrieve the selected media for a given inspection.

This API is compatible with:

This API relies on both an id and token returned from one of the listed APIs above, this will be returned in an object that looks similar to the following:

  "id": "xyz1238b-4b01-48a5-b2d6-fb96003ceaf2",
  "token": "xyz12380bd503c836778a2021d01e2cbae2d0d57171504cde61d403024f7a97a",
  "filename": "My Cool Image.jpeg",
  "media_type": "MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE"

Once this API is called, it will return an object with a url property that can be used to download/stream the requested media content. Please note that this URL will expire shortly after it is requested.

  "url": ""
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