Update a user

The Update User endpoint allows administrators (users with the "Admin" permission) to update any of the following user properties:

  • username (email address)
  • first name
  • last name
  • status (active or inactive)
  • seat type (full or free, only when status is updated to active)

Patch semantics are supported, meaning only the fields that are sent in the request are updated.

To update a user, the user must belong to the same organization as the requesting administrator (user with the "Admin" permission).
When updating the username (email address) of another user, that user gets an email address change confirmation email.
Only once the user has confirmed the request the new username is reflected in their account.

When a user is de-activated i.e. their status changed from active to inactive, their access to inspection data they owned or was previously shared with them ceases.

When a user is activated i.e. their status is changed from inactive to active, if the organization is on the Premium Plan, reactivating the user will default to a full seat if no seat_type is passed into the request. Activating a user in a full seat will fail if the organization has not purchased enough full seats.

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