Common errors you might experience running SafetyCulture Exporter

401 Unauthorized

The 401 Unauthorized error indicates a problem with the access_token in your configuration file. Either the token is missing, or the existing token is invalid or has expired.

403 Forbidden

The 403 Forbidden error indicates a problem with your token's permissions. Keep in mind an API token follows the permissions assigned to the SafetyCulture account that generated the token. Some data sets require certain permissions, so make sure you have those permissions assigned before exporting.

504 Gateway Timeout

The 504 Gateway Timeout error indicates a problem with the amount of data that's been processed. You can lower the export.inspection.limit configuration to reduce the amount of data that gets processed per batch.

All other errors

If you encounter any errors that aren't 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden, please contact our customer support team and provide your SafetyCulture Exporter logs. You can find the logs in the same folder/directory as your SafetyCulture Exporter, named logs.log.