Export your SafetyCulture Data

Export your SafetyCulture data to PowerBI, CSV, SQL server, MySQL, RedShift, and more

There are three primary options to export your SafetyCulture data. Each option has its own benefits, but they all provide the same data, just in different ways.

SafetyCulture Exporter

SafetyCulture Exporter is available as both a desktop application and a command-line interface (CLI) tool.

The SafetyCulture Exporter is the recommended way to export your SafetyCulture data, as it supports incremental exporting of your datasets and we continuously release updates to improve performance.


  • πŸ‘ Incremental refresh support.
  • πŸ‘ Direct export to CSV and relational database (SQL).
  • πŸ‘ Scheduled export support.

SafetyCulture Power BI Connector

SafetyCulture Power BI Connector is a custom Power BI connector that can be used to access your SafetyCulture data directly within Power BI.


  • πŸ‘ Direct connection to Power BI.
  • πŸ‘Ž No incremental refresh support.
  • πŸ‘Ž Power BI Gateway required for scheduled refreshes.

Direct APIs

The APIs that back the SafetyCulture Exporter and our Power BI (Power Query) connector are available for direct connection.

We only recommend using these APIs if the SafetyCulture Exporter or the Power BI connector don't suit your needs.


  • Incremental refreshing requires custom logic.
  • πŸ‘Ž Power BI Gateway required for scheduled refreshes.