SafetyCulture Exporter

Export your SafetyCulture data to CSV, SQL server, MySQL, RedShift, and more

SafetyCulture Exporter is a command-line tool (CLI tool) that’s available to all our Premium and Enterprise customers. You can use the SafetyCulture Exporter to export your data, such as inspections, templates, schedules, and actions to multiple formats that can be used for business intelligence tools or record keeping.

This guide shows you how to configure and run the SafetyCulture Exporter to bulk export your organization's data.

Before you begin

Please note that you must be on our Premium or Enterprise Plan to configure and run the SafetyCulture Exporter.

As the SafetyCulture Exporter runs on a command-line interface (CLI), we recommend that you have some basic knowledge of running command lines before configuration.

Throughout the guide, you will find instructions to run a_command_line. For these instructions, type in the texts that are formatted like so in your command line window, and then press enter or return on your keyboard to run the command line.


The SafetyCulture Exporter is also available in an app version. The app version comes with basic configuration options but offers the same functionalities of bulk exporting your SafetyCulture data.

Ready to get started?

You can navigate via the menu on the left-hand side to first download and configure the SafetyCulture Exporter, then export your organization's data. If you're exporting your data to CSV or SQL, you can learn more about each data set table's output.

Please follow the instructions in this guide carefully. If you run into any errors or have any questions regarding the instructions, please contact our customer support team for assistance.